Vellingiri Hill Temple

resort with most fascinating view in coimbatore

This revered hill temple is situated some 40 km away from the city Of Coimbatore and just a 20 minutes from DVARA Siruvani . The temple has essentially been dedicated to lord Siva and sits on the Vellingiri Hill which has an imperial altitude of 6000 feet. The Vellingiri hill temple is contemplated to be the most conspicuous worship abode in and around coimbatore and an immense number of tourist groups visit this hill temple to offer their prayers. Furthermore, the hill is known for its exorbitant natural resources.

If you have the knowledge of heral science, you will be able to find several varid essential rare herbs grown on the hill, which are used for medication. The Vellingiri hill temple has the main deity as lord Shiva, and people visiting this temple can indulge into the pleasing aura of the ambience and offer some heartfelt prayers.