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Mountain View Pool Cottages

Perched atop the awe-inspiring ghats, these seven cottages feature individual plunge pools with bedrooms that open out to private gardens. Nestled amidst lush greenery,  each cottage is graced by a portico attached to the pool and a cosy sundeck offering guests rejuvenation amidst the comforts of contemporary, urban luxuries. DVARA offers spacious rooms adorned with artefacts and antique furniture, providing a panoramic view of the majestic Western Ghats, along with a private plunge pool, a traditionally designed balcony known as the “Veranda” that faces a serene water body and overlooks the Western Ghats, and a private garden.

Garden View Cottages

Verdant gardens embrace these three cottages, harmoniously capturing the serenity that the resort so gracefully exudes. Artfully curated interiors with antique grand wooden swing-installed lounges and open inner courtyards synergize energies that are perfect for getaways. The spacious rooms of DVARA are adorned with exquisite artefacts and antique furniture, while a traditionally designed porch at the entrance offers a view of the captivating landscaping, complemented by an alfresco dining area and a traditional swing.

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