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Village School Visits

DVARA’s commitment to social responsibility extends to the nearby village, where we support the local primary school and its young students by providing essential amenities. As part of our efforts to connect our guests with the rich culture and community of the region, we offer the opportunity to visit the school and interact with the bright and enthusiastic children. Get a glimpse into the daily lives of these young learners and witness their eagerness to learn. It’s a chance to not only give back to the local community but also to create lasting memories of your trip to DVARA Siruvani.

Petting Zoo

At Dvara Siruvani, we understand that the wonder of nature extends far beyond the breathtaking landscapes and awe-inspiring views that surround us. That’s why we have created a space where guests of all ages can connect with the captivating world of animals. Our small petting zoo is a popular attraction among children and adults alike. For those who prefer the sounds of nature, our aviary is a sanctuary for some of the most beautiful and melodious birds in the region. Our petting zoo and aviary are a testament to our commitment to fostering a deep and lasting appreciation for the natural world.

resort with most amazing view in coimbatore
resort with most fascinating view in coimbatore

Village Walk

A village walk, around the resort, is also a chance to get a feel of the land and the many interesting sights along the way. Where else does one get to take pictures of a shy goat herder completely occupied with tending to her flock?! Just when you think your vision is filled with so much beauty, turn a corner and get ready to be mesmerized again. From stunning local flowers to native trees like the banana and coconut, the fields throw up a whole array of interesting colours and textures. These farmlands showcase agriculture at its versatile best.

Kolam & Flower Garland Demonstration

At DVARA Siruvani, we believe in offering our guests an authentic experience of Tamil Nadu’s rich cultural heritage, and that includes the traditional art of garland-making and kolam design. Guests who are interested in learning the art of tying garlands by hand and creating intricate designs on the floor using rice flour can request a demo or one-on-one class. Our skilled artisans will guide you through the process, sharing their expertise and knowledge of this ancient art form.

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Cooking Demo

DVARA offers a very interactive cooking demonstration for guests who are passionate about cooking. The demonstration of cooking techniques and ingredients of Kongunadu cuisine is an enticing topic for many of our guests. We also offer a “Do It Yourself Barbeque” to try your hand at the art of Barbequing with your loved ones. DVARA Siruvani’s interactive cooking classes and DIY BBQ session provide guests with an opportunity to learn, create, and indulge in a truly unforgettable culinary experience.

Handloom Unit Visit

Coimbatore is the Manchester of the South and has a lot of legacies to talk to you about its expertise in the textile business. Traditional weaving is given space to machines and so on, but in the rural areas of Coimbatore, they still find their living from traditional handloom, a visit to this place will give you a lot of learning about the art of weaving, current trends, and the way this industry evolved over generations and still survive.

resort with most fascinating view in coimbatore
resort with most fascinating view in coimbatore

Visit to Artisans

Watching an artisan at his workshop is something we all love to do. It is a chance to connect with the local community, witness their talents, and learn about their way of life. DVARA goes a step further to have an interactive session with artisans to know the nuances of the work “Shilpa Shastra”. This experience allows guests to witness firsthand the skill and creativity of local artisans who have honed their craft over generations.

Isha Yoga Visit

Isha Yoga Centre is a scenic spiritual destination, set at the foothills of the Majestic Velliangiri mountains in Coimbatore, the uniqueness of the centre is one can explore all four Major Paths of Yoga. Founded by Sadhguru, this destination is a varied mix of various offerings for seekers and tourists. Surrounded by lush greenery and the breathtaking beauty of the Nilgiris Biosphere, the centre provides visitors with an idyllic environment to relax and rejuvenate.

resorts near isha yoga center coimbatore
resorts near isha yoga center coimbatore

Perur Temple Visit

Perur Pateeswarar Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located at Perur, in the western part of Coimbatore. Karikala Chola built the temple in the 2nd century CE. The temple is located on the bank of the Noyyal River and has been patronized by poets like Arunagirinathar and Kachiappa Munivar. This natural setting provides a serene and tranquil atmosphere for visitors to experience the spiritual essence of the temple. The temple showcases the art of the Dravidian Architecture of Yore making it a unique and unforgettable destination that is sure to leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Maruthumalai Temple Visit

Marudhamalai Murugan Temple is one of the popular temples of Lord Murugan, the temple is located on a hillock. The temple’s tranquil surroundings provide visitors with a peaceful and calming atmosphere, ideal for spiritual contemplation and meditation. The hill where the temple is situated is completely covered with many medicinal herbs. The temple’s stunning architecture, serene natural setting, and rich history make it a unique showcase of Dravidian architecture.

resorts near isha yoga center coimbatore